Polyclonal Services & Capabilities


SDIX’s animal facility has been producing antibodies & antisera for IVD contract manufacturers since 1972.

USDA, OLAW, AAALAC, ISO Certified 13485:2003 licensed and accredited.

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Protocol Development Options

SDIX standard protocols for all species

Client provided protocols

SDIX protocols developed specific to the client antigens and production goal

Species Protocols

Capabilities & Services

Pre-production – Protocol Development, Pre-Screening of Animals, Antigen Conjugation, Antigen Aliquoting & Vialing

Production –Test Bleeds, Production Bleeds & ELISA Screening

Processing – Defribination, Delipidation, Affinity Purification – Single Pass & Full Depletion, Protein A Purification, IgY Isolation, Custom Pooling & Sampling & Sterile Filtering

Inventory Management

Project Transparency

Clients have 24/7 online secure website based access to their project schedules through the SDIX STAR program

STAR Login

Monthly antigen inventory reports

Weekly database transfers

High Capacity Throughput

90 acre, 90,000SF, 10 building facility

8 species with capacity for 15,000 animals

SPF rabbit colony with New Zealand White breeding colony providing animals for large scale programs

Large scale antisera production facilities & capabilities

Antisera Yields – Automated Plasmapheresis

For large animal species

Sterile process of returning blood cells to the donor animal

Safer & healthier process of collecting antisera, reduces the use of animals

Increases yields for large volume IVD manufacturers


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