Large Scale (mgs to kgs) Monoclonal Antibody Production (In Vivo and In Vitro)

Acites (In-Vivo) Production

Ascites  production of monoconal antibody is produced in vivo in ascites fluid. Production in ascites fluid is nearly always the most economical method of monoclonal antibody production; your cost per milligram of monoclonal antibody is the lowest. For monoclonal antibodies produced repeatedly in large quantities, SDIX offers an ascites optimization process to maximize production efficiency and minimize animal use.  Please inquire.

All incoming cell lines require pre-production verification.


  • Viability check of cell line
  • Isotype Testing
  • Strains: Balb/c, ICR SCID, CAF1 are available, please contact us for additional strains
  • Lot Size 50 -2000 mice per lot (> 500 mice needed, please call for availability)
  • Ascites fluid is harvested over multiple taps
  • At completion all taps are pulled and centrifuged
  • Final IgG concentration is determined
  • Final product stored at -20oC
  • Average ascites volume per mouse is 3-5mls/mouse and average antibody concentration is 3-5mg/mL.
  • Timing 2-3 months

In-Vitro Production

Monoclonal antibody is produced in vitro using roller bottles. Production in roller bottles allows precise definition of the proteins and other molecules present in the supernatant.

  • Media optimization option
  • Media formulations containing low bovine IgG fetal bovine sera, serum-free media, or animal protein-free media can be used when the absence of proteins is necessary. (Require additional time for adaptation).
  • Production at 5-100L per batch


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