Bioprocessing – Polyclonal

Polyclonal Laboratory Services

Single Pass or Full Depletion Affinity purification, includes:

  • Project Schedule
  • 0.2um filtered
  • Flow Through and column shipped – optional
  • ELISA on starting material, flow through and final product
  • Final Project Report (with ELISA)

Other Laboratory Services

  • ELISA screening
  • Antigen conjugation
  • Protein A/Protein G Purification
  • 0.2um filtering with second party sterility & mycoplasa testing
  • Defibrination
  • Delipidation
  • Caprylic Acid IgG Cut
  • Sodium Sulfate IgG Cut
  • Ammonium Sulfate IgG Cut
  • IgY Isolations
  • Antibody pooling, vialing


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