Red Blood Cells (ABO) IgG

Red Blood Cells (ABO) IgG

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Anti-Human Red Blood Cells (ABO) IgG

Antiserum is made in rabbits using red blood cell stroma from human blood types A, B, O, Rh + and Rh -.  Serum is collected, pooled and tested for reactivity against huRBC stroma by ELISA and meets or exceeds the titer of a master lot.  The IgG fraction is purified by ammonium sulfate salt cut and ion exchange chromatography and put into PBS with sodium azide.  The antiserum can be used in applications that require a pan huRBC immunoreaction such as red blood cell scavenging from whole blood samples used in lateral flow and hemagglutination.

Product Name: Anti-Human Red Blood Cells (ABO) IgG
Product Code: B9180RD00-RD
Specificity: Reacts with Human RBC stroma
Host Species: Rabbit
Form: IgG Fraction
Antigen Source: Human RBC stroma (A, B, O, Rh+, Rh-)
Storage: 2°C to 8°C
Buffer: 20mM Sodium Phosphate, 150mM Sodium Chloride, 0.05% NaN3 (PBSA), Ph 7.2
Filtration: 0.2 µm filtered
Appearance: Clear and free from particulates
Purity: >90% by HPLC
Application: Human RBC removal, hemagglutination
Concentration: 9.5 – 10.5 mg/mL by A280
Intended Use: For Further Manufacturing or Research Use Only

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