Synaptophysin is an integral membrane protein of small synaptic vesicles in brain and endocrine cells. The protein also binds cholesterol and is thought to direct targeting of vesicle-associated membrane protein 2 (synaptobrevin) to intracellular compartments. Mutations in this gene are associated with X-linked mental retardation (XLMR).

Alternative names: SYP, Major Synaptic Vesicle Protein p38, MRXSYP, Syn p38

Product Name: Anti-SYP Antibody
Reference #: CE00022
Clone #: UMAB112
Source #: Mouse Monoclonal
Reactivity: Human
Catalog Number &
Aliquote Size #:
C0022MA01-MA | 0.1 mL
C0022MA05-MA | 0.5 mL
C0022MA10-MA | 1.0 mL

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