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Clinical Assays

IVD X-ray Crystalographic  

Antibodies are the backbone of every immunoassay system. Immunoassays are basically mechanisms to measure the level of antigen-antibody reaction. Choice of right antibodies is important for its success.  For both quantitative and qualitative clinical assays, assay performance standards continue to increase, demanding more sensitivity and specificity in today’s diagnostic market.

Choosing an antibody that detects minute quantities of analyte in a complex biological system and gives consistent performance is therefore the most critical stage in assay design. SDIX has years of expertise in this area. We will help our clients in coming up with the right antibodies.  Our antibody development strategies can be customized and easily integrated with our clients assay development strategies. 

Antigen Design  

The design of your antigen is one of the most important steps in the process of immunoassay development. The nature of the target performance requirements and desired immunoassays applications all affect choices made in antigen design. SDIX has developed a sophisticated antigen design process to ensure the highest probability of success in your project.

Antibody Development and Strategies

SDIX is expert at generating antibodies for clinical assays.  We understand the science behind antigen antibodies in relation to the clients diagnostic platforms.  We offer conventional polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies as well as  Genomic Antibody Technology™ , which creates antigens in the native structure of the protein.