Better Antigens

Antigens are molecules that trigger an immune response which produce antibodies.

At SDIX we understand how important antigen strategy is when developing antibodies that will work in your assay.  Our scientists use their uncommon competency when designing the right antigen strategy for an antibody.  Discover more about our better antigens.

Better Antibodies

Antibodies are proteins developed by the immune system to recognize foreign entities.  In addition to warding off infection, they are used as tools for research, diagnostics and drugs.

At SDIX we understand having an antibody that meets your needs is vital.  Our scientists are antibody experts, using their uncommon competency and understanding of antibody development and their use in applications to design the right antibody for you.  Discover more about our better antibodies.

Better Assays

Assays are methods to analyze or quantify a substance in a sample.

Antibodies you've tried in your application likely have not performed as expected.  At SDIX we use our uncommon competency to develop antibodies that function in the different assays you use, like Western Blot, Flow Cytometry, Sandwich ELISA and others.  Considering your end use application is key to developing an antibody that will work.  SDIX is also expert at developing assays.  Discover more about our better assays.