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New Troponin I Products

Cardiac Troponin I is the premier biomarker for diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and is used routinely in emergency rooms to rule in/out AMI and monitor progression of cardiac injury.

Name Clone Product Code Origin Source Purification Method
Anti-Human Troponin I (21-31) 3B4.1 D2131MA01-MA Mouse Monoclonal In vitro Protein A
Anti-Human Troponin I (81-100) 14A2.1 D8100MA01-MA Mouse Monoclonal In vitro Protein A

Note – Amino acid sequence noted in parenthesis


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SDIX is a wholly owned subsidiary of OriGene Technologies, specializing in high quality, large-scale GMP antibody production. For over 24 years, SDIX has been a leading immuno-solutions company, developing results-oriented and innovative antibody-based solutions that enable customers to meet high performance diagnostic and commercialization objectives.


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