Red Blood Cells (ABO)

Red Blood Cells (ABO)

Anti-Human Red Blood Cells (ABO)

Antiserum is made in rabbits using red blood cell stroma from human blood types A, B, O, Rh + and Rh -.  Serum is collected, pooled and sodium azide added as preservative.  It is tested for reactivity against huRBC stroma by ELISA and meets or exceeds the titer of a master lot.  The antiserum can be used in applications that require a pan huRBC immunoreaction such as red blood cell scavenging from whole blood samples used in lateral flow and hemagglutination.

Product Name: Anti-Human Red Blood Cells (ABO)
Product Code: B9180R000-RO
Specificity: Reacts with Human RBC stroma
Host Species: Rabbit
Form: Serum
Antigen Source: Human RBC stroma (A, B, O, Rh+, Rh-)
Storage: 2°C to 8°C
Processing: 0.1% NaN3
Filtration: 0.2 µm filtered
Appearance: Amber and free from particulates
Application: Human RBC removal, hemagglutination
Intended Use: For Further Manufacturing or Research Use Only

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