SDIX is proud to provide our customers with the highest level of cGMP compliance, quality products and customer service.  We have built our quality systems to ensure product integrity and acquired the necessary certifications to enable our customers to meet high performance and commercialization objectives.

We are a biotechnology organization that continuously improves our processes to ensure our name is synonymous with the highest standards for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For questions or information, contact quality@sdix.com.

At SDIX, management is committed to consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements by:

Delivering quality products and services that conform to customer and regulatory requirements

Maintaining an effective Quality Management System

Providing courteous, knowledgeable, and timely support

ISO Logo

We are now ISO 13485:2003 certified!

FDA Logo

FDA Registered Company –
DE Registration Number: 3099635836
ME Registration Number: 3008364509

USDA logo

USDA Registered Company –
Research License #: 50-R-0015
and Class B Dealers License
(ME):  50-B-0017


USDA /APHIS Export of blood/blood products to EU, EC 1774/2002

Delaware: (Site 1) DE-TEC 0001
Delaware: (Site 2) DE-TEC 0004
Maine: ME-TEC 0003

All facilities are Collection Facilities


Since 2000, Maine Accreditation
number – 001011


Assurance #:  A3975-01

DEA Logo2

Facility: RE0059
Registration: DE, (Site 1) RS0453326
Registration: DE, (Site 2) RS0453314
Registration: ME, RS0452956


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