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SDIX’s scientists are what sets us apart. Not only are we expert at developing new and relevant technologies for today, we take the time to understand your research, diagnostic and drug development needs. Watch a few videos to discover more about our scientist's uncommon competency.

Better Antigens.  Better Antibodies.  Better Assays.

SDIX is a biotechnology company with a core expertise in creating better antigens, better antibodies and better assays for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. For over 20 years, SDIX has been a leading immuno-solutions company, developing results-oriented and innovative antibody-based solutions that enable customers to meet high performance research, diagnostic and commercialization objectives.

In the life science market, SDIX’s technology and capabilities are being used to help discover disease mechanisms, facilitate development of new drugs and provide antibodies and assays for the diagnosis of disease.

Our fully integrated suite of solutions includes:

  • Assay design and development
  • Antigen design and production
  • Immunization strategy and animal management
  • Hybridoma development
  • Storage and scalable production
  • Product formulation of critical reagents

Antibodies and Immunotools

SDIX designs, develops and produces antibodies. We have for nearly 20 years. SDIX has created immuno-solutions that advance our customers’ immuno-based work, including Genomic Antibody Technology™ (GAT).

SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology®

No antigen required. No kidding.

mAb Discovery Engine

Learn about the SDIX mAb Discovery Engine for discovery of antibodies to transmembrane proteins like G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).


SDIX’s scientists are what sets us apart - it's their uncommon competency of knowledge coupled with their dedication to making antigens, antibodies and assays that work for you. See for yourself.

Download mAb White Paper

mAb discovery engine new white paper cover page

Download GAT White Paper

GAT White Paper Cover 21Jun13