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SDIX Genomic Antibodies™ - Rabbit Polyclonal

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SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology® is a Design For Purpose™ method of creating antibodies that reliably function in critical applications. The proven1 technology uses immunization with DNA fragments coding for intact protein domains which results in in vivo mammalian protein expression and post translational modification of highly pure protein antigens. The use of fragments representing intact protein domains provides for native protein folding and, importantly, site-directed antibody targeting. The end result is a highly specific and sensitive antibody that recognizes conformational epitopes on native proteins.

The benefits of SDIX Genomic Antibodies include:

- Targeting of the immune response to specific epitopes
- In vivo expression promotes proper folding and modification of the epitope
- No requirement for user-supplied protein or peptide


With no requirement for a user-supplied antigen, SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology is a streamlined process that typically delivers antibodies in a shortened time frame. The process occurs as follows:

· Client provides target protein sequence in electronic format
· SDIX conducts a rigorous analysis of antigen to determine best target epitope(s)
· Client confirms selection of epitope(s)
· Each selected epitope is expressed directly in a unique host
· SDIX Genomic Antibody is isolated from host serum using affinity purification


1 Brown MC , Joaquim TR , Chambers R , Onisk DV , Yin F , et al. 2011. Impact of Immunization Technology and Assay Application on Antibody Performance - A Systematic Comparative Evaluation. PLoS ONE 6(12):e28718. doi:10.1371/

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Serum Volume

Basic Rabbit Genomic Antibody

2 Rabbit, Affinity Purified Antibody (Unpooled) with ELISA

160 ml

Rabbit Genomic Antibody with Extension Option

2 Rabbit, Affinity Purified Antibody (Unpooled) with ELISA

120 ml

Single Extension

Single extension protocol, Affinity Purified Antibody (Unpooled)

240 ml

Triple Extension

Package of 3 single extensions, Affinity Purified Antibody (Unpooled)

720 ml

Offer available through July 31, 2013.

SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology® is a Design for Purpose™ method of creating polyclonal antibodies that reliably function in a user's specified application. At its core, SDIX Genomic Antibodies utilizes bioinformatic design to select discrete protein domains for in vivo expression in host rabbits. The resulting conformational epitopes produce antibodies with targeted specificity for the native structure of the selected protein domain.

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