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Antibody Development
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Antibody Development

Developing an Antibody That Works

How many times have you used an antibody that didn't work in your application? We understand how frustrating this can be. At SDIX our scientists approach each custom antibody project by first asking how will you be using the antibody: Will it be to screen? Will it be used in a Western Blot, Flow Cytometry or a functional assay? Will it be used to develop a new drug?

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How Do You Make An Antibody That Works     

How you will be using the antibody will dictate the strategy we use in designing the antigen. This is a crucial first step to developing a successful antibody.

Antigen Design

Did you know that choosing the right antigen for your antibody can increase the chance of success? At SDIX, we take the time to understand how you'll be using your antibody.

We take the time to understand your problem and work with you to develop the best antibody possible. How? We call it, "Specificity by Design."

Monoclonal Antibody Development

SDIX offers both traditional and a proprietary Genomic Antibody™ immunization strategies.  Depending on how you're using your monoclonal antibody, our scientists will work with you to achieve the most optimal quality and successful antibody.

Polyclonal Antibody Development

Polyclonal Development:

Depending on how the end use application of your antibody, SDIX will develop either a peptide or an antibody utilizing our Genomic Antibody Technology.

Genomic Antibody Technology®

SDIX Genomic Antibody Technology™ DNA-encoded antigensmultiple folded epitopes

offers numerous advantages to your antibody development. We create and useso that you do not need to supply protein or peptide material. Large regions of the target protein are selected allowing forand enables the ability to target regions of interest. This translates into the generation of antibodies with a high and broad success across different immunoassay formats such as sandwich immunoassays and flow cytometry.

Using the Right Ab?

Peptide Antibodies Fail To Bind To Native Protein

The vast majority of native protein epitopes are discontinuous.

Peptide immunizations are not a practical strategy for generating targeted antibody responses against discontinuous epitopes.

Therefore, peptides are not useful for making antibodies to native proteins.

For assays where the protein structure hasn't been denatured, antibodies developed using SDIX's Genomic Antibody Technology™ result in highly specific and sensitive antibodies which recognize the native structure of the protein.

Visit our Expert Advice section where you'll find a variety of topics, all of which need consideration when developing an antibody for your research, diagnostic or drug discovery application.


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