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Custom Antibodies Services

Better Antigens.  Better Antibodies.  Better Assays.

Discover what sets SDIX apart: Our scientist's uncommon competency in developing tools that work in your research, diagnostic and drug discovery.  Watch the uncommon videos.

Antibody Development

Antibody Production

Assay Development

Expert Advice

Antibody Development

SDIX is expert at developing better antibodies.  Our scientists ask the right questions at the right time, using their uncommon competency, to solving your antigen, antibody and assay problems.

Antibody Production and Services

Antibody Production and Services Solutions SDIX is your full antibody production and services provider.  From monoclonal and hybridoma production to purification and conjugation. 

Assay Development

At SDIX we don’t just make antibodies, we use them extensively ourselves to develop assays.  Better Assays by SDIX.

The Scientists at SDIX are experts at assay design and a have developed a wide variety of tests that range from rapid immuno detection strips for field use for detecting genetically modified organisms (GMO) to sophisticated bed side monitoring devices for measuring blood levels of therapeutic drugs. 

Expert Advice

At SDIX, we are experts at developing and producing successful antibodies.  In this section you'll find a variety of topics, all of which need consideration when developing an antibody for your application.

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Star Account Login -- Use the STAR system to place your Genomic Antibody orders and to check the status of your custom antibody projects.

Uncommon Videos

Discover more about SDIX's Uncommon Competency.  Better Antigens, Better Antibodies, Better Assays.