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SDIX is a biotechnology company with a core expertise in creating better antigens, better antibodies and better assays for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. For over 20 years, SDIX has been a leading immuno-solutions company, developing results-oriented and innovative antibody-based solutions that enable customers to meet high performance research, diagnostic and commercialization objectives.

In the life science market, SDIX’s technology and capabilities are being used to help discover disease mechanisms, facilitate development of new drugs and provide antibodies and assays for the diagnosis of disease.

Modern Water

The Water Quality and Environmental Remediation business units of SDIX have been purchased by Modern Water, Inc. All inquires should be directed to Modern Water, Inc.

Phone: (302) 669-6900

You will be in contact with the same Water Quality and Environmental Remediation team from SDIX, now at Modern Water.

Modern Water